She Nova’s debut single “She Weirdo” is an anthem to all the outcasts and dreamers who write their own identity. It’s a song that plays to the inner weirdo inside all of us.. that voice in our heads that blurts crazy ideas that most say are weird or impossible. Listening to this voice was She Nova’s way of coping with a racing ADHD and dyslexic mind that refused to fit the norm. At a young age, she learned she could channel her seemingly random and up-side-down thoughts and feelings to create songs. She Nova aspires to be a role model for self awareness and mental health, helping others find the confidence to be uniquely themselves and find the superpower beneath their challenges. Here’s to the kids with fire in their bellies who chase wild dreams and march to their own beat, no matter who calls them weirdo along the way.

She Nova's debut album 'She Weirdo' is an alt-pop summer anthem 

Once upon a time from a galaxy far, far away, a purple-haired alien was born with magic running through her veins. Her name is She Nova. She is a rebel who doesn’t drink, has never done drugs and feels because of her ever-evolving nature, probably won’t ever be getting a tattoo; thus she dances to her own beat and creates a trail of rainbows wherever she goes, redefining the word weird. She believes that everyone has a little voice in their head, their own inner weirdo, that shouts the most far-out yet genius ideas, and if people listen to them, their lives can be lead to the most beautiful places of limitless potential.


Nova started playing piano from the young age of two by copying the way her mother’s hands hit the keys, and was soon playing Beethoven and Chopin by memory. The piano wasn’t the only way Nova filled her childhood home with music. Her bedroom doubled as a stage in which she’d sing and perform her own choreographed productions to her favorite albums from Led Zeppelin and Yes, to Elton John and Pink. It was in these moments as a child her inner weirdo was so loud she couldn’t contain it. Shortly thereafter she began performing in a local musical theater group in Fort Worth, Texas that toured hospitals and nursing homes. At age 11, Nova began on-camera acting training and was scouted by CESD agency in Los Angeles, leading her to the west coast to pursue her thirst for performing, landing roles on Glee and a co-starring singing role on the Nickelodeon series “Unfabulous” starring Emma Roberts.


Being a creative soul, during this time Nova also began writing songs at her piano to help express what her inner weirdo within was saying. Like most, there were hard times where she felt alienated and misunderstood, a lot stemming from her father disapproving of her dream to be in music. But Nova’s mind was set in ways even then she didn’t understand, later being diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD, both proving to be a blessing and a curse for Nova. Focusing and comprehending linear schoolwork was a challenge when she had a whole other world of feelings, ideas and visions popping up in her mind. But when she got home from school, she could take those thoughts that seemed random during a test, and turn them into songs, performances, artwork or homegrown music videos. This is what made music and art the perfect therapy for her mind to feel a sense of relief from the constant chatter.


At 18 Nova moved to Hollywood and enrolled at Musicians Institute where she received a Keyboard Technology degree with an emphasis in Independent Artistry. For years She Nova performed all over LA in original and cover bands including a keyboardist/band leading position at Six Flags Magic Mountain performing 3-5 nights a week for three years. She developed amazing performance stamina and began to fine tune her natural rock star abilities. This leads her to meet Grammy award-winning Printz Board, who saw a star in the raw and instantly brought her on as a partner for his project Parker Lane which featured male/female vocal duos and piano. She was featured singing and playing keys on their “Replay” album.


Now you can catch She Nova performing her original music live in Los Angeles as well as weekly on the streaming platform Twitch, where she plays her original songs acoustically, creates live loops through Ableton on the spot and interacts with her “weirdo crew” in real time. It’s a great chance to watch how she creates and get to know the weirdo herself more. [see live show & streaming schedules at]


She Nova is excited to share her inner weirdo with the world. “It’s the scariest, most exciting thing I’ve ever done,'' she says. Nova wants to be a role model for self-awareness, mental health and honoring the crazy thoughts most dismiss as just that… crazy. But she believes just one outrageous idea can change everything. By following her inner weirdo, Nova is living her truth in ways she didn’t even imagine. She wants other people to find that love and time for themselves to discover their true potential.

Written by Alli McLauren